Are you going Solar?

What are Feed-in Tarrifs?

The Feed-in Tariff scheme is designed to incentivise solar panel installation by offering a “clean energy cashback”. The Feed In Tariff scheme forces the big six energy suppliers to pay householders who generate their own electricity from renewable sources.

There are various tariffs available depending on when your equipment was installed and whether the installer you used was MCB certified. ABR Roofing are fully certified under the MCS scheme.

What you will be paid depends on the type and size of the solar PV technology you have used in your installation.

Feed-in Tariff payments are paid quarterly and are tax free to domestic households and are index linked to the rate of inflation for those who have complied with the MCS scheme.

Solar PV Tariffs
1st April 2012 – 1st July 2012. 21p/kWh plus new requirement to show property has an EPC band D or above. 9p/kWh if property cannot achieve EPC band D.
1st July 2012 onwards. 16.5p/kWh - 13.6p/kWh. Rates will depend upon the total installed capacity between 3rd March and 30th April 2012.
This is only a proposal and is still under consultation.
EPC band D or above requirements are still expected otherwise tariffs will drop down to stand alone system rates.