Are you going Solar?

The benefits of going solar

Electricity produced from solar energy systems is classed as “clean energy” whereas energy produced from traditional sources such as oil and coal produces CO2 which is harmful to the environment and has been identified as a major cause of climate change or global warming.

Clean energy
Energy produced from solar sources does not produce CO2 and each unit of energy produced in this way takes away the need to produce a unit of energy using “dirty” energy sources.

The Feed In Tariff
The Government’s Feed In Tariff allows you to sell the energy your solar equipment produces back to the energy companies. They buy it from you and give you a higher price per kilowatt than they charge. The difference in these two rates is profit paid directly to you, tax free, on a quarterly basis. It’s indexed linked to the cost of inflation too so your payments will always rise in line with the current rate of inflation.

Reliable and affordable power generation
Solar panels are reliable and efficient and will easily last more than 30 years. They have also come down significantly in price over the last couple of years. They require little or no maintenance (though it is optional, we would recommend a service every five years or so to make sure your equipment is working to its full potential). As solar panels are usually installed on sloping roofs they are cleaned by rainwater so rarely, if ever, require any cleaning.

In a nutshell, installing solar power panels in your home helps in the fight against global warming and helps you cut your energy bills.