Are you going Solar?

Is my house suitable for Solar Power?

The amount of power that a solar panel produces depends on the amount of sunlight it is exposed to. Solar panels depend on the intensity of light, not necessarily direct sunlight so they will still generate power when the sky is overcast (which happens occasionally in Scotland!).

As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, a roof which is south facing will be in th best position to be exposed to the sun for the longest part of the day.

Although south facing is the most desirable orientation the difference between a south facing roof and a south west facing roof is only about 5%.

We offer a free no-obligation quotation service and after checking your roofs orientation and pitch angle we will give you an accurate calculation of what your solar efficiency would be.

Not everyone has the perfect roof but if your roof can return around 70% of the potential maximum then solar power is likely to be a cost effective option for you.

With solar power the bigger the area of solar panels the more power you get. If you have an available area of 5m x 4m (20 sq mtr total) you can expect a maximum output of around 2600W.

Solar panels can be fitted to most types of roof without any problems. We have over 30 years experience as a roofing company so, unlike some companies offering solar panel installations, you can trust us to know exactly how to fit your roof to avoid damaging any existing structure.

As long as your home isn’t a listed building and you don’t live in a conservation area you are unlikely to have any planning issues with the installation of solar panels.